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Book Overview

Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Power and Release the Hero Inside You?

Tired of giving away your power?
Had enough of saying yes when inside you feel no?
Do you have an ambivalent relationship to power—you want it but are afraid of it?

Awakening the Soul of Power, the first book in the Calling All Heroes series, rethinks what heroism means in the 21st century and reveals practical tools to help you embark on a journey to personal freedom. If you long for healthier relationships and a life filled with meaning and purpose, this book holds the keys to unlocking the secrets of personal empowerment and unleashing your inner hero.

Awakening the Soul of Power focuses on personal empowerment because the way you embody, express and relate to power impacts every area of your life.

If you long for healthier relationships and a life filled with meaning and purpose, this book holds the keys to getting what you want. Awakening the Soul of Power will help you:

  • Heal toxic relationship patterns
  • Negotiate power struggles successfully
  • Stop cheating yourself and playing small
  • Conquer insecurity and unworthiness

Unlock the secrets of personal empowerment and unleash your inner hero...starting today!

News Release
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Sample Chapter
"A Time for Heroes"

Sample Interview Questions

  • What does soulful power mean to you?

  • Why did you write this book?

  • Talk a bit about your journey in relationship to heroism and personal power

  • What does heroism mean to you?

  • Who are some exemplars of soulful power?

  • You write that this book is for everyone but has a particular message for women. Why is that?

  • What does a healthy masculine power look like?

  • With the trappings of power — fame, money, status, the adulation of an adoring public — comes the possibility of abusing it. How do you keep from being seduced into abusing power?

  • Any practices you recommend? Next steps people can take on their journey of empowerment?

  • What's the cost for people selling out on their power?

  • You write that you are an unlikely person to be talking about heroism. Tell us a little about your own journey.

  • You write that this book is for everyone but has a particular message for women. Why is that?

  • What insights does your book offer for team leaders or small business owners?

Story Ideas

* Power and the election.

Issues of power and the abuse of power are integral to this election cycle. Power is up for all of us to look at—and choose: What kind of leadership do we want?

* Becoming the eye of the storm.

Remaining healthy, calm and centered during these challenging times is critical for our immune systems—centering techniques and breathing practices to help audience navigate these troubling times.

* Fear is in everyone’s mind these days.

Some fears are healthy and ensure survival; others keep us frozen, stuck and incapacitated. How do we name them, face them, deal with them?

* Have you ever said yes when inside you really felt no?

That’s just one example of the many ways we sell out on our power to avoid conflict or for acceptance. Types of power and why we are ambivalent about it.

* Is there a hero inside of you?

Re-framing what it means to be a hero in the 21st century and how to practice that in our everyday lives as a way to navigate these times of crisis.

* Transforming your relationship to power.

How to stop cheating yourself and selling out on your personal power.

* Freeing yourself from self-sabotaging behaviors.

Why do we sometimes do things and find ourselves in patterns and relationships that are self-defeating?

Endorsements & Reviews

“It is a rare occurrence indeed when a book not only delivers on its message but also gives you practical, straightforward and incredibly wise ways in which to apply the teachings put forth in Awakening the Soul of Power. I found it to be an introspective work that is a balm for the soul of anyone searching for truth and answers to life’s difficult questions, and truly look forward to the rest of Christian de la Huerta’s amazing Calling All Heroes series. It inspired me to purchase his previous book, Coming Out Spiritually: The Next Step.”

—Gloria Estefan
Singer, Songwriter, Multiple Grammy Award–Winner

“Awakening the Soul of Power is filled with deep ideas shared in a wonderfully playful way. Christian de la Huerta is that rare teacher who can explain serious and demanding concepts with such a light touch that we can laugh at our own foibles. He conveys so much kindness to the reader, so much acceptance and compassion, I could feel his encouragement jumping off the pages saying “I believe in you! You can do this!” I’m so touched by his beautiful invitation to imagine what life would be like if we believed the Universe is conspiring to support us. Wow!”

—Erica Ariel Fox
Author of Winning from Within

“Christian de la Huerta has been one of those visionaries that I believe to have a real understanding of what is called upon within each of us to make change. In his new book, Awakening the Soul of Power, he has created a blueprint for self-awareness that will make each of us a hero or heroine in the battle to not only change personally but in the process change the planet. Another remarkable book from a remarkable man.”

—David Mixner
Civil Rights Activist and Author of Stranger Among Friends

“I have had the privilege of knowing Christian for over 30 years and have come to respect and admire his integrity that shines through in all that he does and attempts to do (including his breathwork, which I have profited richly from). In this book he talks about our becoming the “heroes” we are called to be. The theological word for hero is saint. The teachings and practices he lays out here are lessons appropriate to discovering holiness once again—not only our capacity for it but everyone’s capacity for it. Is it time for holiness? For courage, creativity and adventure? Christian thinks so, and he offers a useful and tried map forward based on his own inner work and decades of focused retreat gatherings where life stories rise, and hearts catch fire. His is a voice worth heeding in this time of the dark night of our species.”

—Matthew Fox
Author of Original Blessing, The Tao of Thomas Aquinas

“I have known Christian for 25 years, throughout which he has consistently offered deep healing and transformational retreats and workshops all over the world. This book, the first of a series that encapsulates his work, is clear, insightful and supportive to anyone trying to make sense of their lives and the often-subconscious ways in which we sell out on our power.”

—Chip Conley
Hospitality Entrepreneur and Best-Selling Author

“I have known Christian for 30 years and have always been touched and inspired by his wisdom, insight and generosity. This beautiful new book is filled with clear and profound teachings, as well as practical, easy to use exercises. I’m sure it will inspire and support you to be a better you, in every area of life.”

—Marcia Wieder
CEO, Dream University and Best-Selling Author

About Christian de la Huerta

Brief Bio:

Award-winning author Christian de la Huerta is an acclaimed speaker at various settings, including universities, conferences, corporate training, spiritual communities and the TedX stage. Audiences find Christian's message particularly relevant in these times. Christian also practices as a spiritual coach and a leadership development consultant whose work ranges from individuals and couples in private practice to major corporations and non-profit groups.

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Christian de la Huerta Christian de la Huerta Christian de la Huerta Christian de la Huerta Christian de la Huerta Christian de la Huerta Christian de la Huerta Christian de la Huerta Christian de la Huerta Christian de la Huerta

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Awakening the Soul of Power Awakening the Soul of Power Awakening the Soul of Power Awakening the Soul of Power Awakening the Soul of Power Awakening the Soul of Power

Christian has been featured in numerous local and regional radio shows and podcasts, including NPR, as well as magazines and newspapers such as the San Francisco Chronicle and the Miami Herald.
As an author, seminar leader and group facilitator for 30 years, Christian projects a compelling, trustworthy, and appealing presence when speaking in front of large and small groups.

That authenticity and credibility also comes across in interviews.

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